EOSSB Mission

The Eastern Oregon Support Service Brokerage represents and supports people with disabilities in Eastern Oregon to achieve control over their lives and to participate in satisfying lifestyles based on the same aspirations as all citizens.

EOSSB Vision

We envision a world in which all people are supported to be members of their community, families, and neighborhoods, and where communities and citizens are willing to become involved in the lives of the people we support.

We Are Committed

“We are committed to helping people determine their dreams, respecting those dreams, and helping to make them come true.”

Principles of Self Determination

Services of the Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage are based on the principles of self-determination: Freedom, Authority, Support and Autonomy, and Responsibility

EOSSB In Action

In every county across eastern Oregon, there are people who have been able to fulfill their dreams of living in their own homes, living with their families with the supports they need, and having jobs in the community that meet their needs. Support services have empowered people to speak up for what they want, plan for the future, and create their own lives.