Executive Director Report

Executive Director Report


Laura Noppenberger

In the past two years, nearly everything about our service delivery has changed. Small, local and nimble service delivery processes have been replaced by cumbersome state-wide bureaucratic processes.  Sometimes we feel like we are drowning in new rules, regulations, and governance.  To keep our heads above water, it is good to review the standards of quality that brokerages have historically adhered to.  These are the things we stand for and what we believe in.  Every day, we should test our actions against these values. And every day, you, our customer and family members should hold us accountable for adhering to these standards.



It should be easy to get services

People know what is offered and how to get it

People are talked to in the way they understand

The program knows and works with other agencies in the community


Family relationships:

Families are important and have a right to be together until they choose not to

Supports are made of what families and individuals say they like

The system supports the people an individual thinks of as family

Families get support to stay together


Creative, flexible, unique supports:

Supports are creative, flexible, and unique to each individual

People plan for the future


Community Inclusion:

The program uses “who people know” and “what people do” to build supports

Supports create relationships and work opportunities in neighborhoods and hometowns

The program teaches the community to value people for what they can do


Effective and efficient use of resources

Supports use the least amount of money for the best service

The program uses everything available, not just money for support

The program keeps good records of money, follows rules and follows the plan


Choice and Control:

Individuals and families make decisions about the supports they receive

Programs make sure individuals and families have all the information they need to make decisions


Respect and responsiveness:

Individuals and families are valued partners

Their goals and dreams are respected

As things change or as people get older, the program helps change supports to fit

Programs are guided by how individuals and families feel about services

Programs, individuals, and families talk about things that might go wrong, what is ok to go wrong, and plan how to keep problems from happening.


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