Brokerage Funding


How is this funded?

Brokerage services are funded by a mix of state and federal money. Depending on the service, Oregon receives a different federal match.

Brokerage services fall under the Title XIX Waiver (matched at the Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage, or FMAP, rate, currently 64%), and K Plan (receives a 6% increase on the FMAP, currently 70%).

Funding Graph


The K Plan

  • Officially known as the Community First Choice Option, often referred to as the K Plan
  • Part of the Affordable Care Act (sometimes referred to as “Obamacare”)
  • Newly-created option for how states receive federal match dollars
  • Incentivizes home and community based supports over institutions
  • K Plan increases Oregon’s federal match by 6%
  • Oregon is the second state in the country to implement the K Plan
  • Today, the vast majority of services in brokerages are funded through the K Plan

Title XIX Waiver

  • Federal program, funded at a lower match rate
  • Unlike the K Plan, the waiver has caps on services
  • Historically, most community-based services have been waiver services
  • Today, the waiver covers:
    –Case Management
    –Supported Employment
    –Specialized Supplies
    –Home and Vehicle Modifications
    –Family Training

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