Please be advised; we collect applications for employment on behalf of our clients who are the employer.  If you complete an application to work as a Personal Support Worker (PSW), we will distribute that application to the employer as a means of assisting them to decide if they want to employ you as a PSW.  EOSSB does not hire or make decisions regarding employment of PSWs by our client/employers. EOSSB’s sole purpose in sending you an application is to assist our clients with the process of hiring.

BEFORE you can start working with a customer you must have an assigned provider number and be listed in the Client’s ISP in eXPRS.  If you have not provided the PA with the completed documentation and you start work, you cannot be paid for it per BOLI rules.  If you want more info about the rules you are to adhere to please visit:

As a PSW, you will need to be aware of:

  • Your obligations as a Mandatory Abuse Reporter
  • Obligations you have to avoid Medicaid Fraud
  • Your Workman’s compensation coverage
  • Your possible Benefits

The OHCC provides training on these and many other important topics to assist you in performing your job.  There is a mandatory PSW Orientation that you must attend within the first 90 days of your employment.

Please make sure that the PA has all of the following completed information on file and has told you that you can start work:

  1. Application for employment
  2. Approved Criminal History Check – you must fill out the CHC form, give it to the PA and wait until you receive approval back from the criminal records unit (CRU).
  3. Personal Support Worker Application and Agreement
  4. eXPRS Enrollment
  5. A copy of your current automobile insurance (showing your name and dates of coverage: If your name is not on the insurance card we will need a declaration showing your name as an insured driver) must be provided to the PA if you are going to be transporting the customer plus a current drivers license
  6. A service agreement
  7. Provider Responsibilities and Agreements
  8. Confirmation of Provider Qualifications (this is signed by the Common Law Employer prior to you starting work)
  9. A Mandatory Abuse Reporting notice


New Employment Packet can be accessed here. Please meet with your Personal Agent to submit this packet.

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