Meet Our Clients

Go Cam!

Cameron is a new brokerage member in Union County who joined services just over a year ago.  Cam’s interest is in making short films and composing musical scores.

He was living with his mom and brother in Union, and spending a lot of time with his computers and cameras in his room. 

Since joining the brokerage Cam has moved out into his own apartment and with his skills and the help of his provider has been very successful at living on his own.  He is making new friends through local alliance activities and is getting out socially more often. He also has been able to pursue his interests of being a videographer and is making short films which he posts on Facebook.  He was a volunteer with the Eastern Oregon Film Festival this spring and made some new connections there as well which he expects to continue each year. 



Mika’s Story

Hello my name is Mika and last year I joined EOSSB in Baker City, OR. Before I was with the Brokerage if I wasn't at school I spent my free time at Linda W.'s house, who runs a day care in Baker City.  She is a  really nice lady but I felt like there wasn't much to my life there.  

Since I joined the brokerage I get to do lots of fun things, and lead an enriched life. Physical and emotional safety is a big deal for me and my family, and with Brokerage supports I am able to live my life independently, feeling safe and secure. I enjoy being involved in my community and in the arts.

With my PSW  I take vocal lessons at EOU and Zumba classes at the YMCA. With my PSW I am able to access my community and surrounding communities, we go to museums, the zoo, and explore other communities on foot or by biking, and we go swimming.

With my PSW I have been learning kitchen safety and exploring healthy recipes for my family and church, I am very active in my church and enjoy sharing my creations! I have developed many hobbies and interests since I have had the freedom to live independently; I enjoy cooking and exploring, taking pictures (especially of horses), and singing.  With the help of my PSW I have started volunteering at The Rachel Center.

The Brokerage has been great for my family and I because I get to live a full and enriched life and my family can know I am safe and happy.  The best part is that I get to do fun things with someone I trust to keep me safe and take care of me.






Juan and Marcelina

Hola, my name is Juan, and I would like to share with you how having Brokerage supports has improved not only my life, but my mother’s as well.  Before joining the Brokerage in 2008 I did not have adequate supports at home. My mother worked long hours for a local fruit packing company which did not allow her to provide me with the care and attention I needed; and this was devastating for her. Shortly after graduating from Hood River High School my mother noticed a regression in my abilities to perform ADL/IADL’s I had learned throughout my years in school; my health also began to deteriorate. My mother was forced to leave her job after 27 years to care for me; putting my family in a difficult financial situation. Having Brokerage supports allowed my mother to become an able and capable personal support worker. 

Having her undivided attention, love and care has been great! She has learned many new things about my disability that enable her to better support me.   I am nowJuan and Marcelina also able to enjoy my community and the beautiful nature trails Oregon has to offer with much more frequency.  Having Brokerage supports has brought great joy to our lives, and has bonded my family closer. Without Brokerage services and my mother’s love and patience I would not live such a healthy, fulfilling life. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.

Juan y Marcelina

Hola, mi nombre es Juan Guzmán y me gustaría compartir con ustedes cómo el tiener apoyo del Brokerage a mejorado no sólo mi vida sin también la de mi mama. Antes de ingresar al Brokerage en 2008 no tenía apoyos adecuados; mi mama trabajaba largas horas en un empaque de fruta local, esto no le permitía cuidar de mí. Esto fue devastador para mi mama. Poco después de graduarme de la Escuela Secundaria de Hood River mi mama se dio cuenta de una regresión en mis habilidades para cumplir mis ADL/IADL’s de lo que había aprendido a lo largo de mis años en la escuela; en este momento mi salud también comenzó a deteriorarse. Mi mama se vio obligada a dejar su trabajo después de 27 años para cuidar de mí; esto puso a mi familia en una situación financiera difícil. Tener  apoyo del Brokerage le dio a mi mama la oportunidad de convertirse en mi trabajadora de apoyo personal.

Tener su atención indivisa, el amor y el cuidado ella ha sido capaz de aprender muchas cosas nuevas sobre mi discapacidad para apoyarme mejor. Ahora también soy capaz de disfrutar de mi comunidad y de la hermosa naturaleza que Oregon ofrece. Tener apoyo del Brokerage ha traído gran alegría a nuestras vidas. Sin servicios del Brokerage y el amor y la paciencia de mi mama no viviria una vida saludable, satisfactoria. Gracias desde el fondo de nuestros corazones.

Juan y Marcelina.


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