Organizational Structure

Membership: EOSSB is a not-for-profit membership organization. The membership consists of all individuals served and their families, as well as interested others from advocacy groups, service providers, interested community members, and case management entities. The membership has a majority of family members and self-advocates.

Board of Directors: The board of directors consists of 12 to 15 people, with at least a simple majority of families and self-advocates.

Local Alliances: The membership has the opportunity to work together to plan and develop local service delivery expansion, as well as to advise the Board of Directors through regular regional meetings. These Local Alliances are made up of members of the organization in the region, and just like the membership and the board of directors, are composed of a majority of families and self-advocates. Local Alliances function to assist in the planning and development of local service delivery and capacity.  Local alliances relate to the organization through Personal Agents from the region and representation on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and the Local Alliances collaborate in the oversight and implementation of a quality assurance process.

The membership, through its elected board of directors sets organization policy. The Executive Director is responsible for hiring and supervision of staff and the day to day operation of the organization. The Board of Directors, in concert with the Local Alliances, reviews satisfaction data and other quality assurance measures and approve plans for continuous improvement of services. The board collaborates with its membership through the local alliances to plan and develop local service delivery expansion and our annual meeting to address effectiveness of services.

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