Rachelle’s Employment Success Story

Rachelle is a young lady who lives on her own in Baker County. She receives community inclusion supports so Rachellethat she can stay connected to her community and friends.

Rachelle’s main goal for the past 2 years has been to find employment in her small community. Rachelle connected with VRD in Oct 2010 and was “in plan” by April 2011. After many meetings with VRD to determine what type of job Rachelle wanted and would be successful at, she is finally working.

Rachelle started working during the first part of August cleaning rooms for a hotel in Baker City. At this time she is on call with the promise from the hotel that she will have a set schedule of 15 hours per week. Rachelle is making minimum wage and is doing very well with her job. She states that she loves her job and the people she is working with. She is able to make the beds and clean the bathroom in a quick manner and be out of the room when she is supposed to be. VRD has not closed her file and continues to provide short term supports at this time. Rachelle is doing so well with her job that she may not need long term supports; she would utilize natural supports from her supervisor and coworkers and utilize brokerage supports only if there are any problems or she needs training for any new job duties.

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