Dignity and Respect:
All people have an inherent right to be treated with dignity and to be respected as a whole person with regards to mind, body and spirit.

It is essential to have a support network or circle-of-friends and family to provide strength and assistance. We are committed to helping people develop and maintain relationships.

People have the right to choose what they will do with their lives and with whom they will spend it.

People have the power to make decisions and truly control their lives, including their finances. If services must be purchased, the people buying them, with assistance from friends and family, will determine what these services shall be.

All people have dreams and aspirations which guide the actions that are most meaningful to them. We are committed to helping people determine their dreams, respecting those dreams, and helping to make them come true.

Contribution and Community:
Everyone has the ability to contribute to their community in a meaningful way. Giving of ourselves helps us establish a sense of belonging.

Social Responsibility:
We believe that if people have choice and control, they will show a responsibility to the social funds used to purchase services by accessing only the services needed to meet their needs, and spend money efficiently.

Changing Roles:
The role of the Personal Agent is about working for the individual they support and advocating for the whole life.

Whatever it Takes:
Self-determination requires an attitude that nothing is impossible. "No" as an answer is replaced with "How can this be done?"

All stakeholders must participate in the governance of the system as true and equal partners.

 Person Centered Planning:
The consumer must be empowered or represented to direct the system through planning, centered around him or her as an individual.

Support brokerages should be independent of any entity that provides services or has multiple responsibilities so our focus remains on the individual without competing priorities.

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