Flex Fund


In January of 2003, the Board established a policy and procedure to enable spending of non-governmental funds/interest to support customer needs. Flex funds are utilized on behalf of our customers when they have needs that can’t be met by other governmental funds. Individual needs range from eye glasses (not covered by Medicaid), a bus ticket to get someone back home if they’ve become stranded, addressing brief periods of homelessness, and other short term acute crisis needs.

Funds expended are never more than $300 unless a special case warrants it. The Flex fund prevents individuals we support from accessing higher levels of care because these funds allow for stabilization and allow the individual to continue accessing in home Medicaid supports. Often these funds can fill short term needs while our Personal Agents help the individual create a longer term plan.

Several years ago, the State of Oregon changed the manner in which they do business with support service brokerages,
resulting in a substantial reduction in our ability to earn interest from our accounts. Consequently, this has impacted our
ability to create new revenue and has resulted in us drawing off reserves for the last several years. The flex fund will
eventually run out of money at the current rate of expenditures.

A sum of money remains largely due to fundraising efforts by showcasing Sprout Film Festivals
throughout Eastern Oregon, where we requested donations. In order to continue giving in this manner we have set up an easy donate button. This can be found at the top of each page on our website header.

Please consider making a donation to our Flex Fund and ensuring the success of the 470 individuals we support across Eastern Oregon.

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