Pamela Roan-Gelskey


Pamela Roan, Personal Agent, Baker County:   Pamela was born & raised on the beach in southern California, returning to her family in Southeastern Idaho in early teens.  She worked for the Idaho Epilepsy League in the late ‘80s, initially in the training and placement center in Pocatello.  This ignited a fire that has never diminished, even though she became a certified veterinary technician for about 20 years, focusing on equine primarily.  She came to EOSSB after working the last 5 years at a former sheltered workshop in Baker City as the Director of Employment.  Offering clients there, as well as in Union and Grant counties, through Vocational Rehabilitation and the Oregon Commission for the Blind, the opportunity for integrated, supported, community employment.  “The personal growth that occurs with each and every individual that has the ability to experience this opportunity is amazing, as is every advance in their independence”.   She enjoys camping, hunting, fishing and horses, as well as working in her flower beds and garden.  She is newly married with grown children and grandchildren in Idaho.

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