Joy and Roberto

And another dream comes true…

This time last year, Roberto was living at home with his parents and working with OVRS to maintain his fairlyJoy and Roberto
new job at Wal-Mart. Joy was adjusting to her move from living with her parents and getting brokerage services
to living in an Adult Foster Care home. These two were trying to save money and were making plans for a wedding in the summer of 2013. Their ultimate goal was to be married and living on their own. They weren’t
quite sure how it would all come together, but they knew what they wanted and refused to give up. Today, Joy and Roberto are happily married and living in their own apartment! Roberto still has his job at Wal-Mart and Joy is out there searching for work with the help of OVRS and her Personal Support Worker, Penny.

Now that Joy is back in brokerage services again, she and Roberto each have a paid provider to assist them with living independently and getting out for fun things like competing in the Special Olympics and picnicking with
the local alliance group, to name a few. They also have an amazing natural support system of family and friends, helping out when they’re needed and when they can. Roberto works so hard both on the job and at home to make sure he and his new bride have a good home. Joy is becoming quite the homemaker, learning to prepare new meals and getting in a routine of housework- although they both credit Roberto with being the
best cook! I am so proud to say that I know this determined and successful couple! It is an honor to be able to tell their story.

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